Telangana State Seed & Organic Certification Authority

తెలంగాణ రాష్ట్ర విత్తన & సేంద్రీయ ధృవీకరణ అథారిటి

A Statutory Organisation of Agriculture & Cooperation Department, Government of Telangana

Director's Message

Seed is the basic and the most critical input in the Agriculture and so the investments made on all other inputs will go waste if the seed is not of good quality. Thus, the quality seed is of paramount importance for sustainable growth of agricultural production and productivity. 

The availability of quality seed is not a one-time affair; it needs to be monitored every season year after year at different stages seed production, processing, testing, marketing etc. The quality control system in India began with the establishment of National Seeds Corporation in 1963 and enactment of Indian Seeds Act, 1966.

The seed production programmes are undertaken by both public and private sectors whereby the public sector is concentrating on Open Pollinated Varieties and private sector on hybrids leading to development of vibrant seed industry in the country. 

Even after the good efforts more than 40 % of the planted seeds are still from farm saved type in the country varying from state to state depending on the development of seed industry in the region, literacy and awareness of farmers about benefits of quality seed, and role of extension workers.

It is needless to emphasise that the State Seed Certification Agencies in the country are acting as instruments for the states to comply with the governmental purposes envisaged under the Seeds Act, 1966 in making available high quality seeds of the notified kind and varieties through Certification.

We all are aware that the State of Telangana is bestowed with congenial climatic conditions to take up the seed production round the year and to store the seed safely under ambient conditions. Keeping in view Pro-Active government policies more than 400 private seed companies including MNCs and National Institutions have established their R&D facilities in and around Hyderabad. Thus, Telangana emerged as “Seed Hub of India”. 

It is gratifying to note that among various Governmental programmes, the Hon’ble Chief Minister’s priority is to gear up the agricultural machinery and to ensure supply of quality seeds to the farmers of the state, country and the world; and thereby transform Telangana State into “Global Seed Hub”.

In view of huge certified seed requirement in future years and in order to achieve higher per cent of Seed Replacement Rate (SRR), the Telangana State Seed Certification Agency is improving its strengths in terms of staff, infrastructure, online seed certification process in its operational area. Since, “Quality seed is the order of the day” TGSSOCA is putting its best efforts for the implementation of strict quality control regimes in compliance with the International seed standards such as ISTA, OECD etc.

TGSSOCA is nominated as Designated Authority by Government of India for implementation of OECD seed certification for two states i.e. Telangana and Chattisgarh.

TGSSOCA has also initiated Organic Certification by establishing Telangana State Organic Certification Agency (TGSOCA) with aim to render service in inspection and certification of Agricultural products and food processing by assessing the conformity of the products with National Programme for Organic Production (NPOP) standards and Participatory Guarantee System (PGS).

Thus, the TGSSOCA being a service oriented organization will strive hard to continue to work with commitment and dedication to provide service to the farming community.